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Jacquie Prowse


Group Fitness 

  • Barre

  • Cardio Barre & Strength Class



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About Jacquie

Jacquie’s childhood was occupied with all things musical. From singing in the church choir, piano lessons
& Royal Conservatory piano exams, to figure skating, tap, jazz and ballet classes and Royal Academy of
Dance ballet exams. Jacquie’s true love was on the dance floor.

Over the years Jacquie competed in many competitions and dance festivals. Jacquie travelled with her show group representing her home town and Province of Southern British Columbia in Canada at the Expo 86 Worlds Fair in Vancouver, B.C. where they performed three times a day for seven days.

After graduation, Jacquie decided to take her love for dance and physical activities to the next level and begin her professional career teaching dance in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia and eventually
relocating back to her hometown of Penticton, B.C. teaching at the local Dance studio.

After the birth of her daughter, Jacquie completed the CFS Canadian Fitness Standards Program offered at her local gym for Group fitness to Music. This in combination to the Aerobics Instructor course she took at Ron Zalko Fitness in Vancouver B.C., Jacquie immediately began teaching a variety of fitness classes from Cardio Funk Dance Aerobics, Floor aerobics, stretch n strength classes, step aerobics and Cardio Kickboxing. Her extensive dance background has allowed Jacquie to adapt and pick up different modules of fitness. And she has now added ‘Barre” to her repertoire which comes so naturally as it’s a ballet-based workout.

Jacquie is thrilled to be here in Los Barilles leading classes again and sharing her passion for fitness. You can find her on the dance floor three days a week here at the studio: Monday 8:00 am Barre, Tuesday 11:00 am for Total Body Strength, and on Thursdays 8:00 am for Barre. You will leave her class feeling
energised and stronger and with a huge smile on your face!

Wednesdays 11am

Barre class mixes elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training into one upbeat full body workout.  The moves are choreographed to motivating music and all students do the exercises as one large group.  In each energizing and targeted workout , you'll perform movements on the barre to slim and tone, or you'll use exercise equipment such as small hand weights to sculpt your muscles on your exercise mats.  This is a low intensity class and great for all levels.

Cardio Barre & Strength Class
Saturdays 9:30am

A high intensity 60 minute barre workout pairing bodyweight strength training and high reps of tiny pulsing movements with cardio intervals to raise your heart rate. Jacquie will coach you through 60 minutes of sweaty, bodyweight barre exercises promised to challenge you!

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