Pilates with Alyson


Alyson is originally for Missouri and has been residing full time in Baja for 3 years. She has practiced and had a passion for the traditional Joseph Pilates method of mat pilates for two decades. She became certified in Teaching Pilates in 2021. She will be sharing this passion with clients and leading them in centering, concentration, control, precision, stamina, breath, flow and relaxation. She has personally found mind, body, energy balance through her pilates practice and meditation.

Pilates is a series of body weight exercises that helps us be more graceful and flexible. Pilates will increase your strength, mobility, circulation and body awareness. In addition, you will have increased athletic performance, improved mindfullness and mental well-being, better balance and relief from low back pain.



  • All muscles worked

  • Pelvic floor strengthened-assist continence

  • Flexibility and mobility increased

  • Increased serotonin

  • Proper breathing- respiratory health

10 Benefits of Pilates:

  • Body Alignment-Better Posture

  • Body Aware-Better Coordination

  • Leaner/Toned

  • Space between vertebrae increased

  • Core and back strength