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Aly teaches outdoors at
Galeria Los Angeles on the patio 

Summertime ... starting July 6th
You'll find Aly's Pilates class
Happening at Sukhasana Studio
                Wednesdays @ 9:30am


Pilates with Aly



Alyson has been a life long advocate of physical activity for physical health and emotional stability.

Growing up in the Midwest, Alyson enjoyed ice skating, horseback riding, rock climbing and dirt bikes. This desire to be active and healthy led to her love of Pilates. In the 90s she attended her first Pilates class and like so many people, had no idea what Pilates was. She continued to practice Pilates and found it to be an emotional and physical healing tool, to engage her core, find strength within and to reach her own potential.

After moving to Los Barriles four years ago with her husband, Alyson did not find the traditional mat Pilates classes she was looking for in the area. She loved the yoga offerings but yearned for the full body strength training of the a traditional mat Pilates practice. Alyson used this to fuel her continuing education, so she could bring her passion for traditional mat Pilates to others in the community that want to improve their posture and breathing, avoid muscle imbalances, improve mobility, flexibility and spine health, avoid or recover from sports injuries and get a lean sculpted look!

Alyson says..."Pilates drives me, heals me, centers me and aligns my mind, soul and spirit".

Strong is Beautiful!

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