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Celebration of Life

When yoga and meditation are at the core of your life, sharing a practice with loved ones in a meaningful setting can feel like a balm on the heart during a time of loss. An offering to the one who has passed, blessing them on their journey. It was an absolute honor to guide a meditation and share a gentle restorative sequence to ground the heart (child's pose, belly-facing savasana, supported reclining twist, butterfly facing the sky or the option to repeat belly-facing savasana). A gentle opening, grounding and preperation to release and spread the ashes with a blessing. An embodiment of letting go.


"One of the great truths in this life is that if we know love, we will know loss. The more we love, the more the loss will hurt. Yet, if we don’t love, what’s the point in being here? When we can courageously love with all our heart, the reward is that through that love we will know depths in our heart and being otherwise inaccessible. What a gift. Still, things will never be the same. And who or what we have loved so deeply and lost will continue to be our teacher through our grief as our heart is rearranged yet again. I think that when someone or something we love dies, we who love them are drawn to the other side. In fact, grief is how we straddle for a time between life and death, a time that can’t be measured in hours or days, a time in which the deeper truths come in like a wind through the breaks in our heart." Mark Nepo

Photography by Julie Shipman

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