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1/2 Day Mindfulness Meditation + Yoga Retreats

Facilitator: Tehroma Lask, Graduate of

Mindfulness Meditacion Teacher Certification Program

 with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach at Sounds True


The Art of Stillness

New Year:

The Art of Beginning Again


The Art of Letting Go


The Art of Listening Deeply

Deepen practice and expand your awareness through 1/2 Day Retreats held in an inspiring, safe and nourishing environment.


Pre-requisite for retreats: min of two group classes attended in the studio, more info:

Please see details + tentative schedule below  

  • Duration: 9am to 12:30pm

    • 3.5 hours - please see tentative schedule details below

  • Location: Sukhasana Studio

  • Participants: max 10 students

  • Requirement:

    • meditation experience + minimum of 2 weekly Friday @11am Mindfulness Meditation attended this season with this sangha

  • Investment: $700 pesos

  • Please reserve your spot via email at your earliest convenience as space is limited


Time to settle in with guided meditation


Introduction to theme and opening talk


Grounding & breath awareness + guided breathwork 


Time to bring your voice into the space and share your intention for being here today



Guided mindfulness meditation practice: hearing meditation


Mindful movement practice: simple, gentle and accessible to all participants


Lightly guided meditation with silence


Mindful movement practice: simple, gentle and accessible to all participants


Time to bring your voice into the space and share your takeways from our theme & mindfulness medtation practice

Prompts for discussion time:

  • What part of the theme + talk & meditation worked for you and feels supportive for your personal practice?

  • How did the talk and meditation support you today and how do you feel this will support you in your life?

  • Why is today's talk and mindfulness meditation practice valuable to you personally?

  • Do you have any questions about our theme + meditation practice? 


Option to meet for lunch at Restaurant La Playa for a closing gathering

What to bring to the 1/2 Retreat + Recommendations:

  • Your whole self + intention for practice 

  • An altar item, something that represents your intention for taking this time for personal meditation practice 

  • Water and liquid sustenance (juice, smoothie, etc) to keep you hydrated and nourished while we slowly drop deeper and deeper into practice together.

  • Wear comfy clothing for ease in stillness and mindful movement

  • You will have the freedom to leave the studio for restroom breaks and move your body as needed throughout the 3.5 hour 1/2 day retreat. Self-care and listening to your body is always encouraged

  • Friendly reminder that cell phones will be required to turn off for the 3.5 hours of practice time

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