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Tehroma Lask, ERYT-200,

Owner, Sukhasana Studio


Yoga for Beginners & 55+​

Yoga Restaurativo 

Yoga for Hikers

Mindfulness Meditation

Yoga + Meditación de Atención Plena 

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About Tehroma

Tehroma has lived full time in Los Barriles since 1994, having lived here for two years previously for HS creating life long friendships with local families. Tehroma has lived and traveled through Mainland Mexico and was born in Oregon, USA. She has worn many  hats in the construction industry since 1994, Designing and Building Custom Homes since 2003.


Her background in Architecture provides the backbone for Plaza Buenos Aires, home for Sukhasana Studio. She began practicing yoga in 2007 and it was love at first crescent lunge pose, feeling deeply at home in her own heart, body, mind and soul in the practice.


Years of classes, trainings and a strong personal practice resulted in sharing this ancient art & science with others; she has been teaching since 2015. Among the long list of continuing education she has undergone as a life long student, Tehroma completed her first 200 hours of YTT at Yandara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos, specialized in Restorative Yoga through advanced YTT  training at Yoghar Estudio in La Paz and in January of 2023 graduated from a two year long Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.


Tehroma is retiring from the world of Architecture to dedicate her work life to the ancient Healing Arts of Thai Massage & Reiki, as well as, teach Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga.


Tehroma loves hiking in the desert, the clear water of the Sea of Cortez, relaxing at home with her family, a good cup of coffee, a house full of pets, rearranging furniture, watching birds in her established desert garden and thoroughly enjoys the art of cooking, trying out new recipes to the delight and good humor of her growing family.


Tehroma believes wholeheartedly in the power of healing, wholeness and feeling at home in the heart, body, mind and soul; a mindful and continual integration of all the parts that make one whole: Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion on an individual level, community and global level.

"Watching the moon at midnight,

I knew myself completely,

No part left out."

~ Izumi Shikibu

Yoga for Beginners & 55+
Tuesdays & Fridays 9:30am

If you are new to yoga and mindfulness or have been away from the mat for a while, this class provides a great setting to begin or begin again. The first 10 minutes of class include a guided Mindfulness Meditation, an inspiring reading, time for guided contemplation, inquiry or simply time to settle in with the breath and deepen arrival with the intention of being as present as possible throughout our class. Students are invited to settle into a comfortable position for this part of class. Some people lay down, others extend their legs up the wall, some sit on a cushion. Students do not have to sit on the floor cross legged for meditation - I offer options. For the next 30-40 minutes, expect to be led through a variety of postures, movement, stretching, lengthening, balancing. Gentle yet engaging and challenging. After the turn of the hour, generally, we transition to more relaxing and supported poses that offer the body, mind, and spirit a chance to stretch more passively. We generally start on the floor and transition to standing once during a class for some standing postures and then back to the floor again. This isn't an "up-down-up-down" class. Recognizing that moving from floor to standing can be difficult for some, I provide methods for transitioning from floor to vertical -- this is an important skill to maintain through life. And, sometimes we focus on all floor postures for a class. The final 7-10 minutes are dedicated to deep relaxation for integration of the day's practice. My classes are heart centered, include soft background music and inspiring reading during relaxation.

Yoga  Restaurativo  
Martes 5:30pm

Yoga Restaurativo: El arte de ser es el antídoto para todo el hacer en nuestras vidas modernas. El apoyo completo, la quietud y la relajación profunda invitan a nuestros cuerpos a reponer el pozo de energía y aprovechar una sensación natural de tranquilidad y bienestar. La sesión de una hora de duración incluye estiramientos suaves, respiración centrada y posturas restauradoras totalmente apoyadas, utilizando los accesorios provistos en el estudio, para que el cuerpo pueda relajarse profundamente y restaurar la salud con apoyo y facilidad. Esta es una práctica basada en el piso, una meditación somática. La mayor parte del trabajo en una clase de yoga restaurativo consiste en configurar los accesorios para apoyar la postura. La recompensa incluye poses totalmente compatibles durante varios minutos a la vez. El Yoga Restaurativo estimula el sistema nervioso parasimpático, también conocido como la respuesta de "descansar y digerir". Es en el espacio de relajación profunda que el cuerpo puede comenzar a curarse del estrés, el desgaste o los días, semanas, meses o incluso años de "exceso". Imagina que este momento es para que vuelvas a llenar tu pozo de energia.

Yoga for Hikers 
Wednesdays 8am

As a seasoned hiker and yogi who loves the Baja trails, I've developed a blended practice of hatha & yin yoga and mindfulness meditation to support my body, mind and spirit so I can take care of myself and enjoy the outdoors. Benefits of Yoga for Hikers:​

  • Maintain flexibility in the lower body that supports your climb, walk and saunter.

  • Open the chest and strengthen the upper body to balance your strong legs.

  • Breathing exercises to open the lungs and increase your capacity to breathe.

  • Mindfulness Meditation to improve focus and calm the mind.


Yoga for Hikers with Tehroma includes a brief guided meditation + a blend of floor and standing postures. Expect a flow of poses from strong warriors to upper body strengthening using your own body weight to core awareness to deeply held yin postures to breathing practice and deep relaxation with inspring reading as class comes to an end.

Transition through the seasons with grace and ease.

Expect a friendly, relaxing and supportive environment as our studio is equipped with chairs, bolsters, blankets and blocks to support your practice.

Each Mindfulness Meditation class will include time to check in, a short talk about the class theme, a guided meditation and time for questions, answers and discussion at the end to help each one take the practice out into our daily lives.


Drop-ins welcome. Feel free to read testimonials from previous students who have attended Mindfulness Meditation with Tehroma

Mindfulness Meditation 
Fridays 11am
Yoga + Meditación de Atención Plena
Martes & Viernes 8am

Esta clase esta disponible para todos niveles y los principiantes son muy bienvenidos. Trae tu agua, ropa comoda y un tapete si tienes.  Beneficios principales del Hatha Yoga:

  • Mejora tu capacidad pulmonar.

  • Mejora el sistema inmunológico.

  • Fortalece y tonifica los músculos.

  • Aumenta la flexibilidad.

  • Mejora la postura.

  • Nos ayuda a relajarnos y a liberar tensión.

  • Nos llena de energía.

  • Alivia el estrés.

  • No es necesario tener experiencia de yoga para asistir.


Tenemos todos los materiales necesarios en el estudio y un grupo de practicantes muy amable para recibirte y practicar en comunidad.

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