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Yoga + Pilates + Barre Classes

will be available in SUKHASANA STUDIO at

Plaza Buenos Aires until the New Year 2025

Sukhasana Studio was (proudly!) the first official yoga & fitness studio to open in Los Barriles in 2009!

It has been an honor and privilege to be of service to our community and fill a need when there were no other official studios available.


Our town is growing and evolving and with these changes comes the News that 2024 will be Sukhasana Studio's final year in service.

With a heart full of graititude for your support over the years,

Sukhasaana Studio will close its doors December 31, 2024.

While this news may feel sad to some - bittersweet for me! - please hold close to your heart-mind the inspiration to open our studio in the first place: to be of service and provide a space, year round, for a growing community!


Now that our area is full of venues and places to practice yoga + mindfulness + fitness -- as well as opportunities for others to step up and offer a year round facility --  it is time to shift gears.


Every ending is a new beginning.


With a clear plan and commitment in place to close Sukhasana Studio at the end of 2024, comes a NEW VISION that will be EQUALLY as VALUABLE to our COMMUNITY at large as the classes offered thus far.


Please stay tuned for more NEWS from a visionary, a compassionate, intelligent and inspiring, wonderful member of our community on what will happen next (I'll give you a hint, it will be someone and something different!)

NOW is the time to enjoy classes provided, moment to moment, day by day and please stay closely in touch with your yoga, pilates and barre instructors for classes offered NOW in Sukhasana Studio + where & when to find them in the future!


More info below...Follow your instructos on social media and contact them personally!

All we have is NOW. Enjoy! 

Fitness with Jacquie 


Fitness with Jacquie

Email contact:

Yoga with Deborah 


Yoga with Deborah

Email contact:

Yoga & Mindfulness with Tehroma


Tehroma Lask 

Email contact:

Pilates with Perla 



Email contact:

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“Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope - a slight change, and all patterns and configurations alter.”


Sharon Salzberg 

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