Every home tells a story – a story about the wonderful people who live in these unique beautiful and livable homes. We consider each opportunity to design and build an honor and a privilege. We are grateful for every experience and feel blessed to be part of a growing community.


Consulting Service in the field of unique, beautiful and livable architectural design:

  •  Indoor design

  • Outdoor living design

  • Spacial layout configuration

  • Transformation of personal space 

  • Additions, remodels, new projects

  • Orientation of a new home or addition on your property

  • Building materials, paint colors, fine details and more! 

Custom Homes
“Integrity, artistry and top-quality” are our trademarks. Every home designed and built has always been Unique, Beautiful and Livable because we take the time to discover the client’s story of how they want to live.



Outdoor Living


In Baja, outdoor living is pure pleasure. Whether you are entertaining or relaxing, surround yourself with greenery, the sky above, mountains and water beyond. The possibilities for creating your own Unique Beautiful Livable area are endless.


Commercial Buildings
Our experience designing and building Commercial Buildings so far, ranges from a holistic center focused on overall well being, an eclectic multipurpose building where you will find our office – both of the latter, right here in town, and a serene boutique hotel located about 45 minutes south of Los Barriles along the white and sandy beaches of Bahia del Rincon


Please note personally written declarations of clients experience with our company. An all encompassing inspiration is available on this page. Other testimonials  available next to Custom Home and Outdoor Living photos. List of client references available upon request. We highly recommend contacting previous clients and inquire, person to person – what is it like to build a home in Baja? What is it like to remodel a home in Baja? Nothing beats personal experience and wisdom gained through the process.