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Casa Huespedes
"Casa Huespedes", has many great features, and we love it, but we felt we needed a place to be able to escape the chilly winds during the winter months, but still be outdoors. So we enlisted the help of UBL Designs (Tehroma, Javier, and their amazing team), and they helped us come up with a plan to turn our existing "field of sand with a clothesline" back yard, into a new outdoor living space. Tehroma and Javier drew up a plan to build around the existing fruit trees and other plants, and create a new patio, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor shower. The end result is a beautiful, warm, cozy, welcoming space that has quickly become not only our favorite sanctuary, but also a great place to entertain our friends. Loads of seating along those curvy benches!
As usual (we have done other improvement projects together), Tehroma and Javier were great to work with. They are not only good listeners, but they came up with many creative ideas and suggestions, created excellent colour sketches of what the project could / would look like, and carried it through to completion. Like our other projects together, this one was completed on time, on budget, and they kept us up to date on their progress while we were away, sending us weekly "Friday E - mails", showing how things were progressing. It was wonderful to return here for the new season, and walk around the house to find the completed project, so well integrated that it looked as though it had always been that way.
We are delighted with the result!
Thank you Tehroma and Javier!!
Sandy & Josiane
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