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What is Mindfulness Meditation? The art of paying attention with a gentle awareness and compassion; practicing non-judgemental awareness and relating to the moment to moment experience of being here now with skillfulness; learning how to deepen presence, be with the ups and downs and in betweens of being fully human with a myriad of skills to relate to the experience with awareness.


Also known as pure awareness and remembering, the art of Mindfulness goes beyond being "in the moment" and teaches us how to relate to the moment of being human, recognizing that each one of us is unique, each moment and day is different.


Heightening our awareness through mindfulness, conscious breathing, embodying our unique experience, cultivating a relationship with our minds, connecting to our heart center and feeling the moment in a grounded way can deepen our connection with our own being, all living beings and the earth itself. Mindfulness Meditation is a gentle practice in compassion, kindness, humanity and unity. 











Sunday, June 11th @ 9:00am - 12:30pm

1/2 Day Retreat with Tehroma Lask

The Art of Listening Deeply

Imagine Mindfulness Meditation as an ongoing awakening of the senses and through this awakening, experiencing a deepening in presence. During our 1/2 Day Retreat, we will balance our time together through mindful movement and stillness, opening to the element of sound and silence, practice hearing meditation and mindful listening as a way of connecting with our inner and outer world, opening to all that is present within and around us with awareness and compassion.

Please see details + tentative schedule below  

  • Duration: 9am to 12:30pm

    • 3.5 hours - please see tentative schedule details below

  • Location: Sukhasana Studio

  • Participants: max 10 students

  • Requirement:

    • meditation experience + minimum of 2 weekly Friday @11am Mindfulness Meditation attended this season with this sangha

  • Investment: $700 pesos

  • Please reserve your spot via email at your earliest convenience as space is limited


Time to settle in with guided meditation


Introduction to theme and opening talk


Grounding & breath awareness + guided breathwork 


Time to bring your voice into the space and share your intention for being here today



Guided mindfulness meditation practice: hearing meditation


Mindful movement practice: simple, gentle and accessible to all participants


Lightly guided meditation with silence


Mindful movement practice: simple, gentle and accessible to all participants


Time to bring your voice into the space and share your takeways from our theme & mindfulness medtation practice

Prompts for discussion time:

  • What part of the theme + talk & meditation worked for you and feels supportive for your personal practice?

  • How did the talk and meditation support you today and how do you feel this will support you in your life?

  • Why is today's talk and mindfulness meditation practice valuable to you personally?

  • Do you have any questions about our theme + meditation practice? 


Option to meet for lunch at Restaurant La Playa for a closing gathering

What to bring to the 1/2 Retreat + Recommendations:

  • Your whole self + intention for practice 

  • An altar item, something that represents your intention for taking this time for personal meditation practice 

  • Water and liquid sustenance (juice, smoothie, etc) to keep you hydrated and nourished while we slowly drop deeper and deeper into practice together.

  • Wear comfy clothing for ease in stillness and mindful movement

  • You will have the freedom to leave the studio for restroom breaks and move your body as needed throughout the 3.5 hour 1/2 day retreat. Self-care and listening to your body is always encouraged

  • Friendly reminder that cell phones will be required to turn off for the 3.5 hours of practice time

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