Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners 


Facilitator: Tehroma Lask

Dates: June 1, 8, 15 & 22

Day & Time each week: Wednesdays @ 9:30 am

Location: Sukhasana Studio at Plaza Buenos Aires in Los Barriles

Purpose and Benefits of Mindfulness:


  • Mindfulness of the breath, body, thoughts and emotions helps to anchor our attention in the moment and cultivate awareness of where and how we are. Moment to moment. This practice normalizes the moment to moment changes inherent to being human that may be challenging, disorienting and anxiety producing at any age.

  • Mindfulness of the breath helps the body relax and aids digestion.

  • Mindfulness of the body and other meditation techniques invite the practitioner to notice when there is discomfort or pain in the body, breathe into the sensation with compassion and also redirect the attention to other areas of the body to help minimize discomfort. This is called pendulating and titrating and is a valuable practice for any age.

  • Mindfulness of emotions teaches us how to increase our capacity to feel emotions as they move through us, deepening our ability to respond which can help lessens reactivity and suffering. Mindfulness meditation practice can be beneficial for people who suffer from depression and/or anxiety as the practice continually brings us back to the moment and moment experience of being human. In this practice, there is space for all our emotions: joy, sorrow, gratitude, grief, anger, embarrassment, excitement, fear, guilt, surprise, disgust, happiness, blame, wonder and love….to name a few!







Total of 4 Sessions/60 minutes each


Overview of the 4 Sessions in our Mindfulness Meditation Course:


  • Session 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

    • cultivating presence in the midst of distractions – internal and external

  • Session 2: Being Fully Human: Working with Emotions

    • expanding our capacity to be with the highs and lows that are inherent with being human

  • Session 3: The Wise Heart

    • joy, metta, compassion for self/others, equanimity

  • Session 4: Bringing Your Practice into Your Day to Day Life

    • breath, body, sounds, thoughts and review of previous practices to bring into our daily lives to cultivate calm and peace in the midst of distractions, ups & downs, and the challenges that naturally present themselves as momentary teachers


What to expect in each 60 minute session:


  • 10-15 min talk on the teaching

    • this includes time for our introductions

    • check-ins at the beginning of each session 

    • stories and inspiring readings

  • 15-20 min guided meditation practice

    • participants will be offered options for sitting or lying down for the meditation

      • participants will not have to sit cross legged on the floor​

      • we will take some time to help each participant find a comfortable position

      • mindful movement or changing position during the meditation is okay

  • 10-15 min questions, discussion, answers

    • Time for sharing (optional) and listening to one another to support each individual take-away from our sessions to continue practicing at home 


Additional Notes:


There will be time to get up and stretch between segments.


We will not be sitting for 60 minutes straight. Our time will be gently broken up into segments.


As the facilitator, I'll be monitoring how everyone is doing as we progress in each session and offering options, as well as, modifications.



Mindfulness Meditation is new to me.  I am learning through Tehroma’s kind, patient, gentle manner how to focus and the different ways to be in the present moment.  I find myself looking forward to each session we have together.  Ironically, I had planned to attend her sessions occasionally;  I have signed up for two sessions a week and would do more if available.

Ed, 82


Mindful meditation in our yoga class reduces my anxiety allowing me relax and be calm for many hours.

Mindful breathing into my muscle aches is an added bonus.

Also I am moved to be more thankful.


I really look forward to Wednesday mornings every week. It’s a time to gather and focus on appreciation of our lives in a supportive environment that allows for growth and self-expression.

Donna Dolinar, 60

I look forward to each Tuesday and Friday morning when I sit with Tehroma in her meditation class.  She has added so much depth to my daily practice.  Her calm, thoughtful, serene manner, and her soft voice stay with me throughout my day, reminding me to come back to the present moment, wherever i am.  She reminds me that no matter what is happening around me, i have my breath to lead me home.

Jennifer , 72

Tehroma’s Mindfulness Meditation classes have helped me learn through breathing exercises to handle pain and control anxiety.

Diane,  75

Practicing mindful meditation with Tehroma has been a very meaningful experience for me.  It has helped me to find peace in stressful situations.  I am able to remind myself to breathe!



Mindfulness Meditation is extremely beneficial to my daily life where ever I find myself ~ the East Cape, USA or Europe.  I am more relaxed and happy within myself and with the world around me.  I always look forward to the classes and spending time with Tehroma is an added bonus!

Sherrie Firn, 64   : )

There are so many times in the past few months that Tehroma's mindfulness teachings have helped me get through tough times. Being reminded to be thoughtful and kind to myself throughout the day, taking time to just breathe, to feel, to hear and to just be…..the healing that comes through in so many ways. Using mindfulness learning to help those in our community is a blessing. Namaste, Edie


From the very first class I took with Tehroma, I had a sense of serenity and peace. Her readings and teachings always promote the connection between mind, body and the earth. I feel blessed after each class. Tehroma is a very special teacher.

Carol Merryfield


Tehroma's Mindful Meditations are not only grounding, but inspirational and insightful. I learned to slow my breath to calm my busy mind. After a session, I have a greater sense of awareness using all my senses.