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“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” Joseph Pilates

Release & Realign



for your Spine 

Drop-in Class

Starts July 10th

Class time:

Monday @ 9:30am


200 pesos/class




What is this prop used for?


A question I hear often when people pick up

the Backmitra in our studio and look at me inquisitively.

The short answer: Spinal Release! Especially targets the upper back which leads to less pain and tension in shoulders and neck AND less pain and tension in the lower back.

This Drop-in Class is available to new and experienced yoga practitioners and will help release your spine so your body can move and breathe with more ease

The Bakmitra is a powerful tool! When used to its full capacity, not only do we improve mobility, we also learn to cultivate core awareness, strenghten the midline & deep postural muscles, centering the body and retraining our bodies to move from inner strength, conserving energy and moving with stability, grace and ease.

Along with the the physical benefits of assisting in spinal release and increasing mobility in the of spine, shoulders and neck, using the Backmitra for an extended length of time helps to increase our capacity to breathe. The spine naturally extends on the in-breath and flexes on the outbreath. More mobility in the upper back equals more space for the breath. Along with the breath-body benefits, this is a heart opening practice as the upper back and its release leads to more spaciousness, release and openess in the energetic heart center: the chest. And, last but not least, the mind-body benefits: this practice is intentional, movement is conscious and linked with breath which helps slow down the mind for more inner calm, peace and ease

Mindful movement with the Backmitra leads to deep release!

Imagine how you feel after a deep tissue massge.

Deeply relaxed in your body.

"The word Mitra in Sanskrit means friend. In Hindu philosophy, Mitra is the deity of honesty, friendship and encounters. He is the god considered as the soft Sun of dawn: warm and deep. In the Buddhist tradition, those people who decide to follow the path of Dharma, the ethical path full of congruence, rectitude and balance with themselves and with the environment, are called Mitra."  Yoga 108, Mexico

Release & Realign, BackMitra® Yoga  for your Spine, this Drop-in Class is based on the 100 hour Restorative Alignment - Advanced Yoga Teacher Training I was fortunate to take several years ago (2019) with Paola Martinez (see lovely teacher in picture).

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Limited Series - Backmitra.png

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”
Joseph Pilates

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